QuantLib support

Issues/problems using QuantLib through Excel or developing applications in C++, .Net or Java? Need supported QuantLib Java or .Net wrappers? Contact us at webs@bnikolic.co.uk for a quote for per-issue support and custom solutions.

QLW -- Quantlib from Java

We are pleased to announce our QLW product, allowing efficient access to QauntLib from Java and excellent parallelisation capabilities. QLW allows direct translation of QuantLib Excel Addin spreadsheet into Java which allows, for example, easy linkage between Excel-based pricing and Java risk analysis systems.

See QLW pages for more information or contact us at webs@bnikolic.co.uk. For information on Parallel Quantlib execution see our Parallel Quantlib pages.

An evaluation version is available for download

Some examples of QLW use are also documented at http://www.bnikolic.co.uk/ql/addindoc/

QuantLib Applications, Enhancements & Support

QuantLib is an open source project providing a large library of routines to price commonly traded financial instruments according to the models currently used by the major participants in the market. We are pleased to offer services related to this library, including support, development of enhancements to the existing library, documentation, and development of applications based on the library. For all enquiries please contact us at webs@bnikolic.co.uk.

We also are developing documentation for the QuantLib Addin which is available at http://www.bnikolic.co.uk/ql/addindoc/.

QuantLib on Amazon EC2

Do you need to be running QuantLib yesterday? We run QuantLib on Amazon's EC2 cloud and can help you get going too. The advantages are very high reliability, very low capital cost, simple management, good Internet connectivity and excellent scaling to largest portfolio management tasks. We recommend using QLW for applications running on EC2. Contact us at webs@bnikolic.co.uk for more information.